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Coach Adam


Coach Adam is an energetic and passionate member of the Minisports team. Growing up in the UK he has always had a large interest in both playing, watching and coaching sport. Adam has participated in wide variety of sports during his life including Football, Hockey, Rugby, Tennis, Badminton, Basketball, Volleyball and Athletics.

Whilst growing up Adam represented his Schools 1st team in a range of sports and continued to play club level football and hockey during University and since graduation.

After recently moving to HK, Coach Adam decided to pursue his passion for sports and working with children by becoming a lead Minisports coach.

Coaching Style

“I believe participating in sports as a young child develops a wide variety of physical, mental and social skills which will have many benefits throughout their childhood and later life. As such I believe that creating an enjoyable, supportive and positive environment is very important to encourage all children to participate and to enjoy playing a range of different sports.

I always aim to make my sessions fun, enjoyable and engaging for all children as I believe this drives their interest and involvement in sport.

I bring lots of energy to my sessions with the aim of making sure all kids leave with a range of new skills but also with smiles on their faces.

Coaching is a very rewarding job and I enjoy seeing my students grow in confidence and develop new skills.”


- Mini Sport Qualified Coach

- The art and Science of coaching - Certificate

- Sports coaching - How effective are you - Certificate

- Introduction to Grassroots coaching

- First Aid qualified

- Minisport Qualified Coaches