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Coach Gretchen

Coach Gretchen is passionate about sports and fitness. Growing up in the United States, Gretchen participated in a wide variety of sports and physical activities - including tennis, frisbee, gymnastics, ballet, running, hiking, ice skating and skiing.Since moving to Hong Kong three years ago, Gretchen has remained active in the sports world, competing in both ultimate frisbee and American football, as well as trail running and strength training.She made the decision to coach according to this passion and for the joy of helping children discover their own abilities and fulfilment through sports.

Coaching Style

“As a Minisport coach, I want to build my students’ confidence in themselves and in their abilities through sport activities that are both challenging and fun. I do this with lots of encouragement and specific feedback to help them experience the reward of succeeding at new skills, as individuals and as a group.I want to help children experience the same thrill of participation and achievement through sports that I experienced as a child as this has formed a strong life-long love for sports and fitness.I believe that the role of coaching and sports in a child’s development is immensely impactful in helping them grow and acquire lifelong skills. My aim for my coaching is to foster a lasting interest and enjoyment for sports and fitness which carries long past childhood.”

- Minisport Qualified Coaches