Our Coaches
Coach Rapan

Born and raised in Hong Kong, coach Pun always prioritized physical fitness regardless of the "work hard - play hard" motto. Throughout his primary and secondary school life, he has participated and represented in various sports of all kinds such as basketball, cricket, volleyball and especially football.
He has played in the competitive Henderson youth football Leagues across u16, u18 and also played professional reserve division for I-SKY Yuen Long in 2014-2015 season

Coaching Style
Kids literally hold our future and we as a coach have an obligation to give them undivided and appropriate attention, thus I believe what you give is what you take. I aim to deliver an energetic and joyous aura for every class which is the best way kids can easily follow and reciprocated

U16-U18 and reserve team for Yuen Long FC (2012-2015)
Yua Yee League, FC Colloids ( 2020-2021

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