Our Coaches
Coach Will C

Grown-up and attending the top sporting school in the UK gave coach William the opportunity to tackle a wide range of sports. From orienteering as a scout, to being a player of a county basketball team. The craving for sports continued after returning to Hong Kong, seizing every chance he could to take part in any activities that came up.  Winter comes and he’s on a snowboard or ice-skate.  Sun’s out, he’s surfing or wake-boarding.  Any other time you can find him throwing Frisbee or playing sports  in the park or participating in competitive sports, echoing the sports teams he took part in during his academic years.

Coach William is an all rounded sportsman and a natural around children and has his unique way to fill his classes with fun yet disciplined ambience.

Currently studying for Physical Fitness Foundation Certificate from the Physical Fitness Association of Hong Kong.