Our Coaches
Cocah Tertius


Hi im coach Tertius.... Born and raised in South Africa. I've been playing professional rugby for the past 10 years at the highest levels. I also Excelled in other sports like cricket and golf. I came to Hong Kong to help, learn and teach what ive learned and experienced over the past 10 years. Im dedicated to coaching and helping young kids with skill development that they can use and benefit from in the near future.

Coaching Style

My coaching style is all about having fun and giving the kids the freedom to learn at their own pace as we are all different and unique in our own way. I also believe if kids are having fun they will learn faster and also gain more confidence. I like coaching kids in all the different fields of sport to help them discover were they will excel the most while having fun.


1.Personal trainer certificate(staff skills academy)
2.Level 1 rugby certificate busy with level 2
3. Studied B. A human movement science at university of the free State
4. Tefl level 3 certificate
5. Minisport certificate
6. Training clinics and coaching since 2017
7. First aid & sport level 1