tips for planning
We love to entertain children and their friends at Birthday Parties.

From the extravagant and hectic to the laid back and simple, we have seen all types of kid’s party take place across Hong Kong. Here are some quick tips that we have picked up along the way and hopefully parents looking to arrange smooth, entertaining parties can benefit from this.

1. Always allow a “lateness window”

Any scheduled events or “highlights” of the party should start at least 45 minutes after the party start time so that all can participate.

2. Provide purpose/structure for the kids…

Having some kind of structure to funnel kid’s energy is essential. Parties that are too free and promote wild behaviour can be stressful for all involved.

3. …and for the parents!

Parties are a great opportunity to make new friendships with parents in similar positions to you. Try to ensure that the environment allows this opportunity to be fully taken. Some parent/children games are often a blast too! We suggest preparing name stickers for the kids, why not do the same for parents to promote interaction?

4. Save the best activities for the end

If you are arranging the whole activities, make sure that the party has a gradual level of excitement. Bring out the most entertaining parts of a party too early can go “flat”. Don’t panic if you think things seem a bit quiet to start, just know that you have something worth waiting for to bring to the crowd!

5. Have a back-up.

Whether this is simply a change of venue or a complete change of activity, always have a plan B - especially for outdoor parties.

6. Don’t spend crazily!

You know your child best. Ask yourself what really matters to them at their party and invest wisely in the few things that they will notice the most. Great giveaways include treasure hunt chips and gold coins that can be bought cheaply in bulk.

6. QUIET party bags & decorations

Loud party instruments add stress to almost any party. Your friends will also not thank you for the racket that the kids cause on the way home either!

7. Don’t stress!

NO party is perfect. Focus on being calm and positive and your child will likely have a great day :)

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